Custom Metal Laser Barcode Asset Tag Metallic Aluminum Serial Numbers QR Code Label

Main applications: furniture, household appliances, wine bottles (boxes), tea boxes, bags, doors, machinery, security products, etc. Main process: Laser engraving, Printing,anodizing, brushing, punching etc. Advantages: durability and legibility Main installation method:  Holes fixed with nails or adhesive backing MOQ: 500 pieces Supply Capacity: 500,000 pieces per month

Products Details

Product name: Metal nameplate, aluminum nameplate, metal logo plate
Material:  Aluminum, stainless steel, Brass, copper, Bronze, Zinc alloy, iron etc.
Design:  Custom design, refer to final design artwork
Size:  Custom size
Color:  Custom color
Shape:  Any shape customized
MOQ: Usually, Our MOQ is 500 pieces.
Artwork format: Usually, PDF, AI, PSD, CDR, IGS etc file
Application: Machinery, equipment, furniture, elevator, motor, car, bike, household&Kitchen appliances, Gift box, Audio, industry products etc.
Sample time:  Usually, 5-7 working days.
Mass order time: Usually, 10-15 working days. It depends on the quantity.
Finishes:  Anodizing, painting, lacquering, brushing, diamond cutting, polishing, electroplating, enamel,  printing, etching, die-casting, laser engraving, stamping, Hydraulic pressing etc.
Payment term:  Usually, our payment is T/T, Paypal, Trade Assurance order through alibaba.
Dongguan Haixinda Nameplate Technology Co.,ltd was found in 2004, located in Tangxia Town, Dongguan, specicalizes in manufacturing various nameplate,metal sticker, metal label, metal sign,badge and so on some hardware parts which are widely used for computers, mobile phones, Audio, refrigerators, air conditioners, car and other digital appliances. Haixinda has strong strength ,advanced equipment, perfect production line, 100% satisfied to acid etching, hydraulic press, stamping, die-casting, printing, engraving, cold-pressing, sandblasting, painting, filling color, anodizing, plating, brushing, polishing etc. customers' different requirements ,which can provide an overall solution for the packaging of your products,so that your products can lead the new trend and become outstanding forever.These magic squares are used to store electronic information which is then accessible via scanning. QR (or Quick Response) codes were originally developed for use by auto manufacturers in Japan. Since then they have spread to industries and applications across the globe. They are easily recognizable with their distinctive square shape, and black and white pattern made up of small square pixels. In comparison to the traditional UPC line barcode style found on supermarket shelves, these codes are able to store a ton of more data. In an industrial setting, the codes are typically scanned using a specialized scanning gun. This then transmits information into a computer system and provides or processes the data as it is programmed to do. However, QR code access is not limited to just these scanners. Most mobile phones made today come equipped with scanning capability using the camera or smartphone app. These hardware and software advancements have made these codes incredibly versatile as everyone is holding a scanner in their pocket at all times. This means workers out in the field can scan them without having to bring a bulky scanning deviceAt Metal Marker, we produce fully customized abrasion-proof metal asset tags for a wide range of industries and applications. Our metal identification tags are used to label and track any number of organizational assets and equipment. This includes machinery, tools, equipment, and more. We manufacture a wide range of custom metal labels such as aluminum asset labels, embossed nameplates, metal barcode tags, metal equipment tags, and UID tags. From stainless steel tags with serial numbers to aluminum nameplates with a data matrix, or even labels with QR codes; we can pretty much do it all. A few examples of our label material options include: Stainless Steel Tags Aluminum Tags Brass TagsQR codes have a unique design that can’t simply be produced in any medium. There are a few options to choose from for custom identification.

Photo Anodization

Photo anodization (MetalPhoto) is one of the best solutions which can implement barcodes for industrial use. This process leaves a black design embedded underneath a protective layer of anodized aluminum. This means the code (and any accompanying design) will not easily wear away. This process can handle barcodes, QR codes, data matrix codes, or any imagery.

Screen Printing

Another viable option for metal nameplates, screen printed tags provide topical ink onto a durable metal substrate. This solution is not made to withstand prolonged wear and tear but is suitable for a stationary sign plate or similar application.

Labels and Decals

Many warehouses need identification codes they can place on a wide range of inventory and don’t necessarily need them to last for a long period of time. This is where custom labels and decals find their niche. While they are less durable than metal tags, they are perfectly suited for inventory management and similar applications. In addition to scanning codes, they can also feature full-color designs, logos, and more.

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